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What is Ltd / sole Ltd / ?
The limited liability company is a capital company and an independent legal person other than the shareholder.
The sole limited liability company can be created by just one number Bulgarian or foreign person or legal person.

The sole shareholder is not responsible to his own property for the debts of the company, he is responsible only for the introduction of the founding capital to a minimum according to Bulgarian legislation is 2  BGN .
The authorities of the Ltd are: the General Assembly and the Governor . The functions of the General Assembly shall be executed by the sole shareholder. For the Manager of the Ltd

may be appointed as the very sole shareholder and a third person, selected by him.

The Ltd occurs with the registration in the Bulgarian Commercial Register .
To start the registration procedure Ltd is necessary to receive from you the following information:
1. What is the name of the Ltd? We will check if your chosen name is free and if it is already booked , we will offer similar options from which to choose your company Bulgarian Ltd. .
2 . Where in Bulgaria will be the seat and the management address of your office - in which town or village? If you do not plan in the first year to rent office in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, we can provide you registered office address for your Ltd for an additional fee and for no longer than one year.
3 . What will be the size of the authorized capital ? The legal minimum is 2 BGN .
4 . Full details on the identity document of the sole shareholder - the sole shareholder may be any person or legal person .
5 . Full data according to ID the manager of the Ltd . A Manager of the Ltd can be the very sole shareholder or may be a third person, Ltd. also can have two or more managers . If managers are more of one it is need to clarify how they will manage - together or separately.

Based on the aforenamed information, we prepare the package documents for the  registration of the Ltd. - bilingual in Bulgarian and in  English. One of the documents authenticated by a notary , which will assist you . It is need to open a bank account of the company in Bulgaria in which to introduce the founding capital , this is our commitment. Keep in mind that the registration of LTD can be done without traveling personally to Bulgaria . The possibilities of this option will inform you upon specific request by you .
To exist legally Ltd. all documents must be lodged with the Commercial Register , which is also our commitment - the procedure in making the official lasts five days and your company is ready !
Service price with all fees on the registration of Company:
- ? 350 - if you come in Bulgaria ;
- ? 400 - if you provide us with a notarized power of attorney with the help of which you will register your company without having to travel to Bulgaria for the registration itself .
Keep in mind that these prices do not include company registration for VAT. The VAT registration is an additional, optional, subsequent services which has to be paid extra.