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      KADASTRA Ltd. is your qualified partner for company registration in Bulgaria . Our team consists of specialists who deal calmly with English and this guarantees an optimal service.

     After viewing our website, it means that you want to expand your business and register a company on the territory of Bulgaria . If your object  is to reduce the tax burden on your business, and perhaps to take advantage of the benefits of - cheap labour , then Bulgaria is a good choice for your business.
      We strive to assist the foreign investors in all stages of development of your business in Bulgaria - company registration , drafting a statute that is tailored to your requirements and according to the Bulgarian legislation , the procedures for opening a branch and others. Our team provides a wide range of services that will help you to create your Bulgarian company within the framework of one week. Our lawyers and accountants will provide you a competent advice , both in connection with the beginning of your launch , and in your current activity of your company.

The Procedure for Registration of a company in Bulgaria:
     After a prearranged term for the exchange of information / by Skype or by  telephone / we will organize the whole process of registration of your company within the framework of one day. We will prepare the necessary package of the documents in Bulgarian and in English , we will accompany you to the notary's office for notarization of your signature on someone of your documents , will pay the authorized capital of the company in a bank account in a Bulgarian bank. We will take you away no more than four hours and you could in the same day leave from Bulgaria. To allow  your administrative work to us , you are only required to come to Bulgaria .

      The registration of your firm also can be done without traveling to Bulgaria, but in this case you  will have to send us a notarized power of attorney,  so we can register your company without your presence in Bulgaria .
     Our clients can benefit from our accounting services and temporary address  for your management address, which extended the seat of your company, of course for an additional fee .

Company registration in Bulgaria :
You can choose between many legal forms , but the most popular ones are:
 - A Registration Privite Ltd.
-  A Registration Ltd.
-  A Registration of Privite AD / AD


Income tax - 10%;
• Value Added Tax - VAT in Bulgaria is 20%. You can still before the registration of your company to decide to register you for VAT or not. Until you reach a turnover of your operation  in the amount of BGN 50 000 , your company also can function as it is not registered for VAT. After reaching a turnover of BGN 50 000 for twelve months already , you must register it for VAT. A voluntary VAT registration is  possible at any time.
• For the distribution of wealth the foreign juridical person  or the foreign private person have to pay 5% dividend tax .

     The registracion of a company in Bulgaria is suitable for those traders who want to reduce their tax obligations, but also for those who want to expand their business in Eastern Europe.